The Ithaca Mavens

Who are the Ithaca Mavens?

Ruth and Lesli are the creators of the IthacaMavens site and the current team members.


Ruth moved to Ithaca 13 years ago and is the parent of two girls. She is continually anxious about the fact that being a parent for each child is something that you are not trained for, you only get a single shot at and you can never have a redo. Plus the time that moved agonizingly slowly when they were little and entertained themselves by repeatedly throwing stuff on the floor and watching you pick it up is running by at an accelerated rate now that they are asking questions like “why wouldn’t England allow Jews fleeing the Nazis to live in Israel?”, and “could we be non-kosher just for a day?”.

Honey BeeLesli came to Ithaca in ’86 as a grad student in Russian lit, left for Albany, NY and Moscow, Russia, came back to Ithaca, became a workaholic system administrator, and eventually met David.

Lesli left workaholism behind when she was pregnant, but after a few years, she turned her beekeeping hobby into a business, Avital’s Apiaries. Lesli and David have a daughter born in 2008, and the whole family is discovering what it means to be Jewish in a not-Jewish world. Lesli serves on the Ithaca Area United Jewish Jewish Community Board of Directors.

Have something to say? Want to contribute to the Ithaca Maven team? We warmly welcome additional contributors, please get in touch


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