It’s no small thing to raise children. We all need advice and shared insights. We named this site קול ההורים –Parents’ Voice – because sharing is vital and our voices help make a community. We hope that this site will become a place of learning, sharing, and support for the Temple Beth-El, Ithaca, NY community.

No doubt our goals will evolve as time goes on, but to start, we want to provide information about the experience of being a Jewish parent in Ithaca along with events and features of special interest to TBE members.

We also would like this to become a community space, where we can ask questions, and get answers and support. We aim to provide pointers to life in Ithaca as a Jewish parent, whether your kids are still in school or have flown the nest. Big and little issues are welcome, like where to find kosher ice cream, a new Pesach plate (hint: the Sisterhood Giftshop at TBE has them!), how to affix a mezuzah when you move into your new nest, or which melodies are used in our congregation..

We know that among our members, there are families with long Jewish traditions, and families new to Judaism and the Jewish community. We can all share questions and experiences, and everyone is welcome.

We hope you’ll enjoy the website!