Wegmans for the holidays

wegmans 2013No particular endorsement – I think it is terrific that this type of thing is available in Ithaca.

September always is incredibly busy with the start of the academic semester and sometimes it is so much easier if somebody else does the cooking, although this option does get pricy. We have ordered the complete meals from Wegmans before – they were pretty tasty, and we all enjoyed the food.

wegmans food




Power breakfast TBE Ithaca style

At 6.30 AM, one has a choice of prime parking spots.

Wegmans parking lot 6.30AMInside the bagel baker was hard at work.

bagel baker

Hot fresh bagels were plentiful.

fresh hot bagelAnd our bagel cravings were satisfied.


It is an invigorating way to start off the day. I hope this could be a regular event in years to come, it strikes me as a social gathering equivalent to the “Chinese restaurant on Dec 24th“.


End of Pesach מוצאי יום טוב

Shalom Friends,

I am sure by now you are all feeling the effects of chometz-deprivation (virtuous feelings combined with pasta fantasies in my case). This being Ithaca, it is impossible (as far as I am aware and please let me know if not), to get hold of a hot bagel at nighttime. The soonest one can get hold of these delights is tomorrow morning when they will roll out of the oven at Wegmans.

So, I invite you all to join us tomorrow for a hot bagel breakfast this Wednesday morning at Wegmans. The bakery department has told me they anticipate the bagels to be ready sometime around 6.30 AM. I have to confess that I have not previously tested this time previously so let’s hope it is as reliable as my alarm clock.

Hope to see you there, I am chalisching with anticipation. Let’s make it a flash mob. No RSVP necessary.


Matzah in the mail

An impressive pallet of matzah on sale at Wegmans.

matzah WegmansWegmans stocks Osem, Manischewitz, Yehudah and Streit’s brands of matzah.

There is even a stand with free Maxwell House Haggadot, one of the loveliest acts of corporate generosity (Kraft foods) and one that definitely snags its intended target; for my part, I am a loyal consumer of Maxwell House products.

free haggadot

However, all is not perfect in the Wegmans world of Matzah. There is one brand of matzah missing from the Wegmans line-up, Rakusen’s.

Rakusen’s is the Jewish claim to fame of my hometown in Leeds, UK. We would drive past the matzah factory every day on our way to school. The Rakusen’s matzahs are very thin and crispy, quite different to any other brand of matzah. Once you have tasted Rakusen’s, eating the other kind is like chomping your way through corrugated cardboard. Plus these matzot come wrapped in a plastic wrapper inside the box which seems a lot more hygenic and tamper-resistant than stuffing the matzot straight into the cardboard container.

In past years, Wegmans has stocked Rakusen’s matzah at its flagship store in Rochester and once even in the Ithaca store. But not this year. I contacted Wegmans customer services online requesting them to stock this brand and received a standard “Thank you for your comments” response.

Thinking that this would be the last I heard about this as my comment disappeared into the interwebs I was surprised a few days later when a letter arrived at my house containing the following reply:


Pretty prompt and courteous customer service!

But, dear reader, this left yours truly with a dilema. Where to obtain Rakuen’s matzah?

It turned out that a grocery chain named ShopRite is stocking Rakusen’s matzah. Unsurprisingly, this option was hampered by a feasibility issue, namely:

ShopRite locationor, as the ShopRite store locator put it:

0 stores

So we turned to Amazon. Not without trepidation, would our order arrive in time for Pesach? Happily, only a couple of days later, this box arrived on our doorstep:

matzah package

Rakusen’s matzah definitely makes the tedious chametz-free days of Pesach a little more gastronomically pleasant and I was really happy to be able to acquire some.

matzah packageֻ unpack

Perhaps some of you will feel like adding your voice and also requesting this product from Wegmans in the future.

Until then I can recommend that Matzah in the mail is the way to go!