The Yiddish particle

Today I am sharing with you an except from a paper published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature by distinguished scientist and friend Reuven Opher. To my knowledge, this is the first elementary particle with a Jewish name.

Dybbuk particle

Reuven is hosting a group at his house, the “Big Bang Discussion” to examine the nexus between science, religion and the origins of the universe.

Here is the agenda:

  1. The Earth is not the center of the Universe: Copernicus and Galileo
  2. Is the Big Bang Theory and the existence of a superior being compatible?
  3. The origin of the Big Bang Theory.
  4. Common questions concerning the Big Bang Theory.
  5. Primary evidence for the Big Bang Theory.

The discussion is open to all who are interested. Message Reuven or myself if you are interested in further details, the first meeting will take place this Sunday June 1st.

purple shabbat shalom