Purim – daytime summary and checklist

Here goes:

1) Listening to Megilla reading. Check.

2) Charity Mazon. Check.

3) Mishloach Manot משלוח מנות. Check.

This was very fun as it is the kind of activity that snowballs, we made a package for a couple of friends and then thought, wouldn’t it be fun to make another little package for so-and-so etc and so we ended up with double the number of packages we had intended to make.

As always there were snafus, I had purchased some of those Osem soup mini-croutons so beloved by kids as a snack.

soup croutons

I threw this package into one of the bags. When we got to the house and delivered the Mishloach Manot I was with my youngest child who chose that moment to blurt out that the oldest child had spotted this item in the grocery bag after it came home from Wegmans. Apparently she had felt the need for a snack, had opened up the package and helped herself to a few. So we were at that point making a “gift” of a partially consumed food item. Major major ooops. I was mortified. Very fortunately my friend took it in good humor and I know she must not have been too upset as she proceeded to give me a contact for an event planner (major score here).

4) Festive meal. Check.

The kids had requested brisket. So a fleishig meal it was and what a feast!

For appetizer we had salami, accompanied by sliced kosher pickles (prepared at Limmud the previous week, more on this later), guacamole and sweet potato tortilla chips (on special at Greenstar).


For the main course we had brisket made in the slow cooker*, accompanied by a green lettuce salad and homemade salad dressing (Gary’s special).

We didn’t drink any alcohol although the kids were both quite intrigued with the concept of being drunk, what effect alcohol has on the body, and when and if they should get drunk on Purim. I guess this topic has come up at school, the youngest daughter recounted a story from a friend about being given an alcoholic drink and how it made her face flush.

main course

We rounded out the festivities with delicious ice cream.

pareve icecreamAnd then the 14th Adar 5773 slipped away. Purim was over.

*If anybody is interested in the recipe for the brisket, please leave a message in the comments and I will write it up.