Making a difference

We are incredibly fortunate to have Professor William Jacobson here in Ithaca.

Professor Jacobson is an inspiring speaker, educator and all-round mensch.  I have previously written about his talk on “Standing up for Israel”, and his ability to engage young people here.

On campuses around the country, the anti-Israel narrative on campus is fueled by professors who dishonestly and divisively promote a biased agenda. Sadly, it is possible to spend all day every day fisking such fraudulent academics. But simple demonstration of facts are not sufficient if the academic and his/her audience refuse to acknowledge and correct the errors. One general characteristic of such academics is a refusal to engage in discussion. An example of this is Prof. Jacobson’s recent talk at Vassar. NOT A SINGLE ONE of the 39 Vassar professors who had signed a letter containing egregious slurs against Israel agreed to meet Professor Jacobson in debate.

So it is great to see an opinion piece in the local newspaper, the Ithaca Journal, that is an excellent rebuttal to one such nebulous academic. Here is the article (click on picture for larger version):

guest viewpoint

For additional background on Cornell campus and around Ithaca, see these links:

Cornell Student Assembly rejects BDS motion

The case for Israel and academic freedom – watch the video of Prof. Jacobson’s talk

Kudos to the fantastic work of Prof. Jacobson and his efforts to expose and rebut BDS. I think that these assaults on truth, freedom and justice are matters that should concern us all, across the political spectrum.

And again, as has been pointed out by Prof. Jacobson and others, happiness is the best response to the haters.


Apples and Honey (locally sourced)

Cornell orchards, click here for map and directions, is a magical place for apples. Many varieties are available for purchase and tasting (one can help oneself from the well-stocked barrels in the picture below), including special varieties developed for NYS agriculture.

Apples are the major speciality, but lots of other types of fruit are also available; yesterday I spotted two varieties each of peaches, plums and pears.

apple store image

Honey made by these guys, photographed hard at work at the Cornell plantations:

honey bee picture

is best from Avital’s Apiaries (of course!)


Kosher fro yo in Ithaca

Some very exciting news for kids (and all who are young at heart) in that there is a now a hangout place in town to get some delicious frozen treats – Yogurt Crazy in Collegetown!

yogurt crazy

Purity is an Ithaca landmark and all the kids clamor to go there but they put gelatin in their ice cream which is very unfortunate. It’s really nice to have a place like this to take the kids to plus it has the benefit of being more healthy than regular ice cream (or so I imagine).

frozen yog copy

The dispensing set-up is self-serve, with a lot of flavors,

different stations copy

all kosher-certified.

kosher certified

My favorite flavor is original (I’m an originalist), but the peanut butter runs very very close. Delicious!

original flavor#Ruth

End of Pesach מוצאי יום טוב

Shalom Friends,

I am sure by now you are all feeling the effects of chometz-deprivation (virtuous feelings combined with pasta fantasies in my case). This being Ithaca, it is impossible (as far as I am aware and please let me know if not), to get hold of a hot bagel at nighttime. The soonest one can get hold of these delights is tomorrow morning when they will roll out of the oven at Wegmans.

So, I invite you all to join us tomorrow for a hot bagel breakfast this Wednesday morning at Wegmans. The bakery department has told me they anticipate the bagels to be ready sometime around 6.30 AM. I have to confess that I have not previously tested this time previously so let’s hope it is as reliable as my alarm clock.

Hope to see you there, I am chalisching with anticipation. Let’s make it a flash mob. No RSVP necessary.