Very sad today

There are only 1.6 million Arabs in the Middle East who have full political rights, complete religious freedom and the ability to reach their full capacity as human beings. Not to mention quality health care and the longest life-expectancy of any Arab population.

All the Arabs who enjoy these freedoms live in the Jewish state of Israel. Israel is a boon to the Arabs of the Middle East, an thriving oasis in a region of dysfunctional failure on every level.

It is time to draw a line under the idea of a “two-state solution”. The second Palestinian state already exists. Jordan is the Palestinian state.  There is no moral, geopolitical or legal reason to create another Arab country.


Kidnapping teenagers is evil. Calling for, facilitating, financing, and celebrating this heinous act happens because Arab society is saturated with racist, Jew-hating ideology. It is very difficult for the average person to fathom such deep racist hatred. As a psychological coping mechanism every desperately wants it not to be true. But the evidence is before us and we have to confront it.

The Palestinian Arabs have received aid from the international community equivalent to several Marshall plans (the financial aid that rebuilt Europe after WWII). Money has made the leaders fabulously wealthy but hasn’t benefited the average person.

It is obvious that there is one proven solution to benefit the Palestinian Arabs. That solution is Israel. Long may the Arabs of Israel thrive and prosper.


I hope Americans are not naive enough to image that these are unsolvable conflicts in far away countries that the US should just leave alone. Although it is true that the first target of the Iranian nuclear weapon will be Israel, the next one will land in the United States. Why? These are not “ancient hatreds”. America is a relatively young country. Both Israel and America are built on core values of individual freedom and self-determination. It is the existence of such freedom that is intolerable to totalitarian philosophies. The racism just puts the Jews in first place.

For a detailed perspective, Dr Andrew Bostom discusses Iran’s Final Solution for Israel.




Making a difference

We are incredibly fortunate to have Professor William Jacobson here in Ithaca.

Professor Jacobson is an inspiring speaker, educator and all-round mensch.  I have previously written about his talk on “Standing up for Israel”, and his ability to engage young people here.

On campuses around the country, the anti-Israel narrative on campus is fueled by professors who dishonestly and divisively promote a biased agenda. Sadly, it is possible to spend all day every day fisking such fraudulent academics. But simple demonstration of facts are not sufficient if the academic and his/her audience refuse to acknowledge and correct the errors. One general characteristic of such academics is a refusal to engage in discussion. An example of this is Prof. Jacobson’s recent talk at Vassar. NOT A SINGLE ONE of the 39 Vassar professors who had signed a letter containing egregious slurs against Israel agreed to meet Professor Jacobson in debate.

So it is great to see an opinion piece in the local newspaper, the Ithaca Journal, that is an excellent rebuttal to one such nebulous academic. Here is the article (click on picture for larger version):

guest viewpoint

For additional background on Cornell campus and around Ithaca, see these links:

Cornell Student Assembly rejects BDS motion

The case for Israel and academic freedom – watch the video of Prof. Jacobson’s talk

Kudos to the fantastic work of Prof. Jacobson and his efforts to expose and rebut BDS. I think that these assaults on truth, freedom and justice are matters that should concern us all, across the political spectrum.

And again, as has been pointed out by Prof. Jacobson and others, happiness is the best response to the haters.

Play Reading IAUJC

The recent  visit and play reading from the Israeli Stage organized by the IAUJC was a wonderful and inspiring occasion.

The performance was beautifully introduced and put in context by the IAUJC co-chairs, Dr Marcia Zax and Dr Chana Silberstein.

IAUJC directors

IAUJC co-chairs Dr Marcia Zax and Dr Chana Silberstein

In the introduction, Mrs Silberstein mentioned a quote from Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotsk who told an atheist  “The deity you don’t believe in I don’t believe in either!”. Excellent quote and definitely one to file away for future use. She promised that the play would make the audience both laugh and cry and the performance certainly did not disappoint.

The play was superbly brought to life with the tremendous skill of the actors Maureen Keiller and Will Lyman. It spoke very powerfully and broadly to a diverse audience and was very universal in its reach and scope.


The director, Guy Ben-Aharon, answers audience questions after the show

People throughout the Ithaca community came together for this event with packed audiences at 2 terrific venues.

Cornell students

The director met with a group of students studying Hebrew language and literature

This tour is the first US staging of this Israeli play and is a great introduction to contemporary Israeli theatre. I highly recommend this event and really appreciate the accessibility of theatre afforded by a staged reading that allows one to focus on the language, the voices and the acting.

Kol HaKavod to the IAUJC for all their hard work bringing Israeli Stage to Ithaca and putting together such a terrific event.


Standing up for Israel on campus event

Jacobson talk

Background of Speaker:

William A. Jacobson is a Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Securities Law Clinic at Cornell Law School. He is a 1981 graduate of Hamilton College and a 1984 graduate of Harvard Law School. He also studied in the Soviet Union during the cold war, earning an Advanced Certificate in Russian Language.  At Harvard, he was Senior Editor of the Harvard International Law Journal and Director of Litigation for the Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project. Prior to joining the Cornell law faculty in 2007, Professor Jacobson had a civil litigation and arbitration practice in Providence, Rhode Island.

Suggested reading prior to event:

The Legal Case For Israel

American Studies Association Whistleblower Complaint

Propagandists with Ph.Ds: Month One of the anti-Israel academic boycott

For more information about this event and to RSVP for the dinner preceding the talk:



Context is everything. What I have really appreciated about Legal Insurrection is the clarity and concise logic as Professor Jacobson discusses this issue. It is very educational and I wish I had this information when I was an undergraduate in the UK in the late 1980’s.

The 1980’s was a period when anti-Israel activity on campus was unleashed and given quasi-legitimacy by the infamous UN resolution. Although this resolution was later rescinded, the cultural nemes it fueled have been tremendously poisonous factors in European society, witness the demonstrations in Paris this week. Academic and cultural elites have always had a global reach but, thanks to the work of people such as Professor Jacobson, the jury is out on whether US academia will be a victim of such a profound erosion of tolerance and justice.