Power breakfast TBE Ithaca style

At 6.30 AM, one has a choice of prime parking spots.

Wegmans parking lot 6.30AMInside the bagel baker was hard at work.

bagel baker

Hot fresh bagels were plentiful.

fresh hot bagelAnd our bagel cravings were satisfied.


It is an invigorating way to start off the day. I hope this could be a regular event in years to come, it strikes me as a social gathering equivalent to the “Chinese restaurant on Dec 24th“.



End of Pesach מוצאי יום טוב

Shalom Friends,

I am sure by now you are all feeling the effects of chometz-deprivation (virtuous feelings combined with pasta fantasies in my case). This being Ithaca, it is impossible (as far as I am aware and please let me know if not), to get hold of a hot bagel at nighttime. The soonest one can get hold of these delights is tomorrow morning when they will roll out of the oven at Wegmans.

So, I invite you all to join us tomorrow for a hot bagel breakfast this Wednesday morning at Wegmans. The bakery department has told me they anticipate the bagels to be ready sometime around 6.30 AM. I have to confess that I have not previously tested this time previously so let’s hope it is as reliable as my alarm clock.

Hope to see you there, I am chalisching with anticipation. Let’s make it a flash mob. No RSVP necessary.