Rossel making workshop

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This process will results in two products; rossel, fermented soured beet juice and the fermented beet pieces. Both are used to make Pesach borscht.



On being inclusive

Rabbi Brad Artson:

“Perhaps, then, the wholeness to which the Torah alludes is a willingness to stand in our entirety–blemishes, defects, imperfections, and all–and offer our complete self to G-d as a sacred service. Might the Torah be insisting on a community that includes ALL its members, that makes NONE of them INVISIBLE, that asks none of them to step outside?”

Might only the community that is inclusive of all be the community listened to by the divine?  It is so easy for community leaders to ignore individuals in the community, especially if they are different or think differently. It is all too human to prefer the voices of the epigones instead of the questioners. But it is the job of the questioners to resist and not to become invisible, a job they must find the courage to deliver on for the benefit of the community as a whole.