Shelter your children from bombs or your bombs with children?

moral equivalence

It is a very anxious time. From the safety and comfort of Ithaca, it is hard to find the words to adequately express the worry and concern that everyone in Israel be safe and to know what, if anything, we can do to help here in the US.

I’m posting a link to two eloquent statements, the first an OpEd in the Times of Israel from Shmuley Boteach, calling on President Obama to demonstrate responsible and moral US leadership.

Mr. President, my Kids are in a Bomb Shelter

and the second, a clip of a speech from the Senate by Sen. Chuck Shumer, a commentary on the falsehood of attributing any moral equivalence between Israel and the ideology of the genocidal Arab war against the Jewish state (click on picture for link).


For an insight into the responsible party behind the degeneration of the security situation, these tweets from Gershon Baskin, the Co-Chairman of the Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information, paint the sad reality.

Hamas is the political entity that governs Gaza. The leaders should be indicted for war crimes, not just for indiscriminate targeting of civilians, but for the horrific use of children as combatants and hostage shields. The fact that this terrorist organization treats its own children and civilians in this brutal fashion is horrifying.



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