Fiction and Fibers

I am immensely grateful to my friend, Deborah B. who has reminded me of the power of fiction to grapple with complex issues. As an adult, reality hits you all day long. In the current culture it is next to impossible to debate without brinksmanship, polarization and misunderstanding. Fiction neatly sidesteps this and provides an orthogonal window onto life.

I should also mention that Deborah’s Jewish Fiction and Fibers group is the closest I’ve ever experienced to a salon; a place where delicious snacks and hot drinks served in beautiful china simultaneously elevates and calms the conversation. And, as the old joke two Jews, three opinions goes, there are lots of different ideas expressed which makes for terrific conversation.

So far, we’ve discussed Nathan Englander’s “Free Fruit for Young Widows” and the life and work of William Steig.


Next up is the short stories of Lore Segal. Here is an extract from “Shakespeare’s Kitchen” as a taster. Click here for link.

Shakespeares Kitchen

We’d love to welcome community members to this group. If you are interested in attending, please message for details.



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