Right here, right now

Cornell Israeli flag

Dear Friends,

I wrote about “Academia and Israel” a few months ago and also about anti-Jewish boycotts in this post on the anniversary of Kristallnacht.

Now we are dealing with this right here in Ithaca on the Cornell campus. Legal Insurrection reported that Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine proposed a Divestment resolution to be voted on over Pesach, a time during which many Jewish students will be away. The resolution was announced at the last possible minute with no notice, an obvious tactic to neutralize possible opposition and debate on the issue.

Pro-Israel students have started a Facebook page (Invest in Peace) and a petition against the resolution.

Please sign this petition. Anybody can sign whether you are a member of the Cornell community or not. Help support students and counter anti-Semitism in the 21st century.

More information and discussion on what’s happening at Cornell at Legal InsurrectionCommentary magazine and the Tower.

For more general background, I highly recommend this wonderful article coauthored by noted historian Simon Schama and lawyer Anthony Julius “The call for a cultural boycott of Israel is banal, gestural and morally compromised“. Other excellent resources dealing with the BDS debate can be accessed here

Divest from hate


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