Ithaca Journal guest viewpoint

Erlich letter

This opinion piece was published earlier this year in the Ithaca journal and the author has graciously given permission to post here.

While the Palestinian leadership advocates a blatant ideology of Jewish annihilation how is real peace possible?

Zaki statement

At Professor Jacobson’s talk recently he posed a question to the audience, “Would you rather be an Arab in Israel or a Jew in Saudi Arabia?”. Aside from complete religious freedom, Arabs in Israel enjoy the best living conditions of any Arab population in the Middle East so the answer is a no brainer. But the kicker is that it’s a trick question. Saudi Arabia is “Judenrein” as Abbas plans the future Palestinian state to be. Judenrein (clean of Jews) is a Nazi term. To dismiss these unambiguous statements from the Palestinian leaders as mere rhetoric is to live in a fantasy world; the majority of Arab countries have ethnically cleansed their countries of Jews. The number of Jewish refugees from Arab countries dwarfs the number of Arab refugees who fled or were expelled during the fighting that followed the establishment of the state of Israel.

Why tolerate this lack of responsibility on the part of the Palestinian leadership? With such demonstrable contempt for religious pluralism (never mind democracy, civil rights etc) it is hard to see what justifies the millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinians from the US, the UN and the EU.


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