Matzo balls

All night we listened to the winds howling, feeling very grateful that we were tucked up in a warm and cozy house.

weather March 2014

Soup is the perfect antidote to wintry weather. I have previously written about the queen of soups, chicken soup in this post and now share the recipe I use for matzo balls.

In the old country we called them kneidlach קניידלעך with the anglicized usage being “How many knaidels do you want in your soup”. In America they prefer to say matzo balls although I am unsure if the correct term is matzah or matzo balls.

ingredients title

Mix the dry ingredients.

mix dry ingredients

Separately combine the wet ingredients.

mix wet ingredients

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients until just mixed, the goal is not to over handle the mixture. I like to do this all in a food processor – the mixing is completed in the time it takes to pour in the wet ingredients.

The matzo ball mix is allowed to rest for 20 mins at room temperature.

resting mixture

Spoonfuls of matzo ball mix are rolled and dropped into salted boiling water.

partially cooked

Simmer until done, about 20 mins. This recipe makes a large quantity! They freeze really well.

fully cooked

Serve with chicken soup. This soup is the same recipe as described in here, changing out the carrot juice for lots and lots of finely chopped carrots.

chicken soup with matzo ball

Ready for the taste test……

Gary taste test

A satisfied husband!


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