Play Reading IAUJC

The recent  visit and play reading from the Israeli Stage organized by the IAUJC was a wonderful and inspiring occasion.

The performance was beautifully introduced and put in context by the IAUJC co-chairs, Dr Marcia Zax and Dr Chana Silberstein.

IAUJC directors

IAUJC co-chairs Dr Marcia Zax and Dr Chana Silberstein

In the introduction, Mrs Silberstein mentioned a quote from Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotsk who told an atheist  “The deity you don’t believe in I don’t believe in either!”. Excellent quote and definitely one to file away for future use. She promised that the play would make the audience both laugh and cry and the performance certainly did not disappoint.

The play was superbly brought to life with the tremendous skill of the actors Maureen Keiller and Will Lyman. It spoke very powerfully and broadly to a diverse audience and was very universal in its reach and scope.


The director, Guy Ben-Aharon, answers audience questions after the show

People throughout the Ithaca community came together for this event with packed audiences at 2 terrific venues.

Cornell students

The director met with a group of students studying Hebrew language and literature

This tour is the first US staging of this Israeli play and is a great introduction to contemporary Israeli theatre. I highly recommend this event and really appreciate the accessibility of theatre afforded by a staged reading that allows one to focus on the language, the voices and the acting.

Kol HaKavod to the IAUJC for all their hard work bringing Israeli Stage to Ithaca and putting together such a terrific event.



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