Rosetta Stone Update

A few weeks ago, I posted about trying to teach my daughter, who is five, Hebrew. Kids should start second (and third) languages as young as possible. In an ideal world, their parents speak one language to them, and the outside world another. I’ve known several families who did this with success. Alas, I am not a native (or even adequate) speaker of Hebrew. So I’m relying on whatever lessons and tutors I can put together for Avital, to help her learn.

We’re trying Rosetta Stone. On the plus side, she really likes it, and can stay engaged for an hour doing the exercises. It’s also clear that she’s learning words, and her reading is really taking off. The difficulty will be to practice! Not because we don’t know Hebrew speakers, but because it’s hard to force yourself to speak a foreign language when everyone knows your native language.

In any case, here is a short video to illustrate her progress. Way to go!


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