Ithaca Library sale

The fantastic Ithaca event that is the twice-yearly library sale in on the last couple of days, the last day (tomorrow Tues Oct 29th) being the famous “fill a shopping bag with books for $1” day.

If you’re unfamiliar with this event, check out the website. It must be the most fantastic used book/magazine sale in the world (hyperbole? let me know if there is anything better). An enormous warehouse full of books opens up to the public twice a year for three consecutive weekends. As the sale progresses, the prices, which are reasonable to begin with, progressively decrease. Today’s price for hard cover books is 10 cents!

I popped in yesterday thinking that the place would be pretty picked over and quickly realized there are still lots of gems available. I started browsing and picked up a hard cover copy of Deborah Lipstadt’s “The Eichmann Trial”.

Eichmann trial

I began reading and was mesmerized. I could not stop, reading intermittently that evening and finally finishing this morning. It’s a superbly written and gripping account that puts this historical event into current perspective. There is a superb chapter that analyzes Hannah Arendt and the response to “Eichmann in Jerusalem“. The most breathtaking achievement of the book for me was the eloquent case Lipstadt makes for the significance of the Eichmann trial event in contemporary discourse on all levels, cultural, sociological, legal, geopolitical, the difference between the public and private faces of leadership.

If anybody wants to borrow this book please let me know, I heartily recommend it and I’m planning on going back to the library sale in the next couple of days hoping to discover other books.

Dear friends, how do you find good books to read?



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