Natalie has neshamah

Just fabulous, Natalie Dessay with Michael Legrand. Click on picture for link.

YouTube song ND

It takes a very special artistic talent to walk the fine line between schmaltz that is slushy and sentimental and schmaltz that is meltingly powerful.

Please note, this is not a judgement on the merits of one versus the other, there’s definitely a place for all varieties of schmaltz and sometimes you’re in the mood for the sentimental type (I adore Rick Moranis’ “My mother’s brisket & other love songs”).

Listening to Natalie’s rendition of this song gives me goosebumps. And I’ve never seen Yentl (the movie) or read the story. I just adore this artist and it’s an extra special oomph to know she’s a member of the tribe.

The song is from her new album, “Entre elle et lui”. I wonder if we could have this CD available at the Chanukah fair?

Entre elle et lui#Ruth


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