Lech Lecha

Scene: It’s an evening a long time ago and Terach (who’s in the idol manufacturing business) is lounging around with his wife on their prized sheepskin rug.

Other characters: Avram, son of Terach and Avram’s wife Sarai

TERACH’S WIFE: Terah sweetie, something is really wrong, you’re looking a quite troubled. What’s going on?”

TERACH: Honey, had a terrible day today, the business is in tatters. Literally.

TERACH’S WIFE: What are you talking about? Don’t be so pessimistic, as soon as the winter is over people are going to start needing new idols and business will pick up.

TERACH: Honey, I’m going to be straight with you. Our son Avram went crazy today, he says that there’s only one God, a God you can’t see or touch, idol worship is wrong. It’s a 180˚ from everything he grew up with. And, I hate to tell you this but you’re going to find out sooner or later. I came back to the shop after my lunch break. The entire stock was smashed to pieces except for that huge idol, you know, the one that’s been on special for weeks. Abram claimed that this idol lost his temper and smashed the other idols. When I pointed out how utterly crazy this all was, our son just looked at me, asked me how I could worship something that couldn’t do anything. He laughed in my face and walked out the shop. Honey, where did we go wrong, our son has everything, a beautiful wife, I just adore that girl Sarai. I’m going to set him up in a great business. Why can’t he settle down? What’s going on?

TERACH’S WIFE: Darling darling, calm down, I’m going to call him, let his mother talk to him.

Some time later, Avram’s phone rings. He picks it up, rolls his eyes when she sees who’s calling but answers it nonetheless.

TERACH’S WIFE: Son, it’s your mother here. Your Dad is really upset, I’ve never seen him so upset. What is going on? And when are you and Sarai going to settle down and start having kids? I’m not getting any older you know. We’re your parents and we love you. You’ve got to realize, there is nothing wrong with idols. Everybody worships idols. EVERYBODY. We all do it. We’ve done it for years and years. You’re saying that everybody is wrong?!? You think you’re better than everybody else? Avram! Avram! I can’t hear you, your voice is breaking up, you sound really distant! What? You’re not at home? Where are you? . . . . . .  You’re on a journey? This is crazy! We need you back here, helping fix the damage to the business. Where are you going? You don’t know where you’re going? You’re just “on the road”? Hand the phone to Sarai, let me talk to her.

Avram hands over the phone to Sarai. His mom is silent for a long time as she listens intently. Her expression is very serious. Sometime later Avram’s mum puts down the phone and turns to her husband Terach:

TERACH’S WIFE: Sweetie, Avram and Sarai have left town. They tell me they’re on their life’s mission. They have left and they are never coming back.

Terach and his wife look at each other. Their lives are changed forever. No more sweeping Avram’s idiosyncrasies under the sheepskin rug and pretending he’ll settle down soon. They feel big changes in the air and are bewildered. Beyond the confines of the immediate family drama they have no idea that their son and daughter-in-law are on a journey to become Abraham and Sarah, a journey with monumental consequences for human history.



ETA More on Abraham’s mother here.


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