Lecture announcement “Liberating the Mind and Heart”

Albie Sachs

“For me, the anti-apartheid struggle was a form of combating racism, which had manifested itself in antisemitism, reaching ghastly proportions through the genocide. But it was all part and parcel of a similar form of inhumanity of human beings to other human beings.”

Albie Sachs

Lecture title: Liberating the Mind and Liberating the Heart:  South African Experience in Dealing with Terrorism and Torture

Thursday, August 29, 2013 4:30 – 5:30PM

Biotechnology Building, G10, Cornell central campus

Albie Sachs is a Jewish anti-apartheid activist, lawyer, judge, constitutional scholar, campaigner for justice and human rights. Albie Sachs paid an enormous personal price while engaged in the anti-apartheid struggle; he was imprisoned, tortured and forced into exile where he was the target of a state-sponsored terrorist attack during which he lost an arm and an eye.

” And I function more comfortably and easier without an arm than I was able to function after the sleep deprivation and solitary confinement.”

He returned to South Africa post-apartheid to participate in the writing of South Africa’s democratic constitution and to become a judge in the constitutional court.

This lecture is a terrific opportunity to hear a global leader address important international issues from a personal perspective.

The event is free and open to the public.


UPDATE The video of this lecture is now available for viewing. Deeply moving and highly recommended.

A couple of parents have asked me if this is suitable for kids and I would say without yes without hesitation; there is no gruesome content at all, certainly surprising given some of the subject matter. Rather one comes away with an awe inspiring embrace of humanitarianism, a further tribute to this remarkable individual and his place in history. As a point of reference, my 12 year old’s comment was that she found the talk “very interesting”.

At 00:28:50 you can hear Sachs discuss terrorism and the ANC response at a time when the PLO was capturing headlines hijacking airplanes.

At 01:07:00 you can hear Sachs talk about what Judaism and being Jewish means for him.

Click on picture below for link:

Albie sachs talkETA I recommend skipping the introduction, the talk itself begins at 00:09:20.


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