How can synagogues evolve?

The Fall 2013/5574 issue of “Voices of Conservative/Masorti Judaism” has some very interesting and thought provoking articles on the theme of “How can synagogues evolve?”

CJ magazineIn particular I was struck by Dr Ron Wolfson‘s article summarized as: “A leading Jewish thinker says synagogues will succeed in engaging people only if they foster meaningful relationships”.

CJ relationship
This is a powerful quote. It does seem that synagogue leaderships need to do more than write checks but what does it mean to “foster meaningful relationships”? Checks and fundraising we can measure, these are tangible and clearly important.

How can we measure “meaningful relationships”?

How do we account for their impact?

Should synagogues leaderships be expected to both fundraise AND also foster meaningful relationships? Are these reasonable expectations of the synagogue leadership?

There is always a lot to think and discuss in this publication. A big thank you to Rochelle P. for directing attention to this particular issue.



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