A very different July

This summer we are enjoying Ithaca and our travels are experienced vicariously through the sojourns of others.

My sister was in Sicily and visited a WWII cemetery, This cemetery is the resting place of her husband’s grandfather who lost his life in the invasion of Sicily, a key battle in the liberation of Italy. July in 1943 was a very different July to the tranquility of our July in 2013.

WWII graves

My sister kindly gave me permission to share her photographs here.

The vast majority of graves are marked by a cross interspersed with the graves of Jewish soldiers who fought in the allied armies. The inscriptions on the graves are heartbreaking, she told me about one that read: “Dear G-d, you will tell us one day why you broke our hearts when you took him away”. Another reminder of the tragic cost of war and the depth of gratitude we owe to these incredible sacrifices.

grave Italy

12th July 1943

Z”L May their memory be a source of blessing and inspiration.



One thought on “A very different July

  1. Dear Ruth – many thanks for posting this. It was indeed a very emotional experience being in this beautiful location, in this immaculately maintained cemetery, honouring 1000 young men of all ranks and regiments who all lost their lives within a few days of each other. I remain profoundly grateful for this sacrifice made by the youngest and the best, very proud of the visible Jewish contribution, and touched by the unimaginable grief of those families left behind, including that of my kids grandparents.

    עליהם השלום

    xx Paula

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