Learn Hebrew when you get the chance

I say this to kids, because they don’t realize that when they get to 35-40, 45-50 years old, they’ll be on their knees crying that they didn’t learn Hebrew when they had the chance, that they didn’t learn Jewish history when they had the chance because [knowing these things allows one] to address the questions of meaning that will come back and be the most important questions in your life

David Solomon

David Solomon picture

David Solomon: “I am a Jew”
still image from YouTube (click on picture for link)

Eloquently stated, I could not agree with this educational philosophy more. However, my conundrum is that although I recognize this responsibility for my children, learning Hebrew is not a responsibility that this parent can personally discharge.

Can the TBE religious school that my kids have been attending since before formal schooling discharge this responsibility?

Should I even expect our synagogue school to take on this challenge?

If not, why not and what should I do about it anyway?

I do not have the answers and these questions are challenging. What is the minimum level of Hebrew and halachic literacy we should be expecting (knowing both that the maximum level is infinite and that our children are in the secular educational system)? How can we facilitate our children reaching this level?



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