IAUJC event Sunday April 21st 2013 Celebrating Innovation: Cornell and Technion in New York

Technion Event 2013 Invitation

The Ithaca Area United Jewish Community will be hosting a celebration of an Israeli institution that has helped to mold Israel into an exceptionally innovative and technologically creative country. The Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) is now partnering with Cornell in an exciting venture in New York City. Please join us on Sunday, April 21st from 3:30-5:00 pm at the Biotechnology building, room G10, on the Cornell campus for: Celebrating Innovation: Cornell and Technion in New York. The event is free and open to the public. It is being co-sponsored by Tompkins Trust Company, Temple Beth-El and TAMID, a student interest group at Cornell Hillel.


Cornell’s Provost Kent Fuchs will serve as moderator of the program and our speakers will include: Technion Professor Craig Gotsman, founding Director of the Technion/Cornell Innovation Institute; Cornell Professor Michal Lipson, recipient of the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship (“genius award”) and a graduate of Technion; and Technion Professor Yoram Baram who will describe his amazing innovation—the Audio-Visual Walker for Movement Disorders.  There will be opportunity for Q&A and refreshments will be served.


The partnership between Technion and Cornell was forged in late 2011 and it won NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s competition for establishing a high-tech center of education and entrepreneurship in the city. According to Technion president Dr. Peretz Lavie, at the announcement of the partnership, “What we bring to the table is our experience in educating generations of engineers who are also entrepreneurs and have changed the Israeli economy.”


Israel now has more start-up companies than all of Europe combined, earning it the title “Start-up Nation”.  Dr Lavie describes the Technion as “… a city of advanced research and learning. As Israel’s largest and leading scientific-technological university and one of the leading centers of research in the world, it is a powerhouse of opportunities for shaping a future….Technion graduates are the backbone and the driving force behind Israel’s flourishing high-tech industry.”


Since the initial announcement of the partnership, much has been accomplished in New York City. The program is currently being housed by Google, in a large facility in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. In the next few years, the Cornell NY Tech campus will be built on Manhattan’s Roosevelt Island.

At the IAUJC event on April 21st, we will learn how the partnership came about, what has been accomplished thus far and its goals for the future. For further information call 257-9924. Come to the IAUJC event on April 21st, and learn how the partnership came about, what has been accomplished thus far and its goals for the future.


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