Jew Hatred on Twitter

Tablet Magazine has an article on the escalation of Jew hatred in Europe, and in France specifically, mirrored (or perhaps incited) by Twitter feeds with tags like #UnBonJuif (#AGoodJew). The feeds contain anti-Jewish hate speech.

This brings up a few issues for me, as a parent. The world feels like a less safe place for my child, and that will no doubt cause me more than one sleepless night. But it also means that social media, already an area fraught with issues, is even less safe. At what age will my daughter run across Jew hatred on Twitter, or Tumblr, or Instagram, or whatever the “It” app is? How will we prepare her for it, and how will we talk about it? I need to think about this now.




2 thoughts on “Jew Hatred on Twitter

  1. I don’t think that this is something that you can prepare for. By educating your child as a Jewish person, and maintaining a sense of pride and understanding, children will be less vulnerable to the put downs. On the other hand, as a parent, adults need to identify the source of the problem, and help to put a stop to it.

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