Mondays are for Maimonides


For the past few weeks, Mondays have been the most stimulating day of the week thanks to the pleasure of attending Maimonides class as part of the adult education program at TBE taught by one of the most popular, esteemed and admired Cornell University professors, Ross Brann.

Each week, we have taken selections from the Maimonides Reader (ed. Twersky) and gathered to discuss and listen to Ross Brann expand on these selections and put them into historical, theological and philosophical context.

Ross Brann

The class was fantastically well attended and the discussions far ranging and stimulating. After every class we would want to get together to continue the conversations. As an example of how dedicated the class participants are, for one couple attending, this was their “date night”, having organized a babysitter for their child enabling them to attend this terrific class. How romantic!

One of the aspects I found particularly fascinating was the way Professor Brann channeled his subject and we would try to establish how Maimonedes may have responded to modern day contexts to draw out the Ramban’s thought from medieval times to today’s relevance.

Now that the class is over Mondays will return to the mundane again.

Thank you very much Professor Brann and I hope it won’t be too long before we have another opportunity to sit in one of your classes!

You can also hear Professor Brann lecture on the Ramban here.



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