TBE Sisterhood תודה רבה

A very special Toda Raba תודה רבה, thank you to the TBE sisterhood.

There’s a knock at the door and a gracious volunteer hands you a wonderful Mishloach Manot משלוח מנות package. This package is organized, coordinated, packed and delivered by TBE Sisterhood. The annual Mishloach Manot drive is one of the major fundraising events for our community.

Happy Purim bag

It is a wonderful special feeling to receive such a present and to know that there are members of our congregation who generously give one of these to every single member.

And what a package! It can only be described as Mishloach Manot “swag”.

Wow, wow, wow, superlatives escape me:

swagA very special thanks to all the members of TBE Sisterhood (headed by our wonderful Sisterhood President, Gale Halpern), who baked the hamantaschen, who shopped, who packed the bags, who wrote the cards, who delivered the packages. A special thank you to Esther, our super route organizer.

And thank you also to those kind individuals who sponsored the Mishloach Manot bags, thank you, thank you, thank you.


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